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Your Chicago Rocks! Peer Mentor:

Section 1
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Section 2
(10:50 am)

Cesar Favela

Dyln Barkstrom

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to Chicago Rocks! home                      ASSIGNMENT DETAILS available on ASSIGNMENT PAGE
7 Dec     I have posted a clarification regarding the format of the individual research assignment on the project page - please check it out!
6 Dec     Remember to check all project deadlines - team and individual !!
   There is a single, extra credit opportunity, as described in class today.  See the assignment page for needed resources.
On Thursday, 17 November, we have our field trip to Bohemian National Cemetery.  Please note that this is considered a regular, required class session.   
You should be at the cemetery at the scheduled start time of class!
>> Wear comfortable walking shoes (for walking on grass/dirt), and dress for the weather!!  The forecast is for a chilly but clear day; we will be outside the entire time, so please dress to stay warm and comfortable.
>> You should have already had a chance to communicate with classmates (team members or other class-mates) about carpooling/ or other arrangements to get there.  Let's all make sure that everyone has a way to get there!  (If you were not in class, contact your team-mates about arrangements... or contact your instructor for more information)
How to get there:

Click this link for a satellite image/map view of the location, relative to NEIU.   Although you can easily see the cemetery from the NEIU campus, you must enter from Pulaski Ave. -- walking from campus may take 20+ minutes (at a brisk pace), so plan  accordingly.  You should have already planned with your team about getting there, but if you need to make alternate arrangements, let me know, and I can try to put you in touch with others. 

The entrance to the cemetery is on Pulaski, just north of Foster Ave: if you zoom in on the satellite image, you will see that the entrance driveway is flanked by the gatehouse --a brick structure on either side of the drive: you will enter here.   
Once inside the gatehouse, turn to your right and you will see the cemetery office; there is limited parking available nearby.  Look for your instructor
 If you are driving, please observe extreme caution and slow down!    The roadways in the cemetery are very narrow, and many historic and irreplaceable monuments are close to the roads.  You should drive slowly and carefully, staying alert for pedestrians and for others exiting their vehicles.

This cemetery is on the National Historic Registry list.  Visiting the cemetery for a field trip is not unusual: the cemetery has frequent tour groups, as well as other students studying history, art, etc.  Although historic, it is also still an operating cemetery, so other visitors may be there to mourn or to visit the resting place of loved ones. 
       I ask and expect your full cooperation in all ways, most especially by behaving as adults, in an appropriate and respectful manner.
1 Nov      If you were not in class today:  a team assignment is due on Thursday. 
               YOU NEED TO GET IN CONTACT WITH YOUR TEAM MEMBERS, and contribute to this assignment.
25 Oct    REMINDER!  On Thursday, 27 Oct, the class will not meet in the classroom, but instead will meet with a librarian for a 'workshop' that is very relevant to your term projects. 
 was mistaken, however: you will not be meeting in the library, but rather in room B-105  (B-wing is the building directly north of BBH). 
Please help to make sure that your team-mates -- especially if they were absent on Tuesday -- are aware of this plan!

If you are interested in meeting with me on Wednesday (to get your graded exam), I will be available from 11 - 12:30; or you can
email me if you are interested in an appointment.

18 Oct      Your completed and signed Academic Planning packet is due on Thursday - 20 October
27 Sep
Awesome and rockin' day, everyone! 
You all did an amazing job at the rock wall: giving it a good effort, supporting your team-mates (and supporting your teacher!), and generally making me very proud of the achievements of each and every one of you!
Check out the photos of today's activity... and previous class activities... on our picasa web photo site.  Share with your family and friends what you have been doing in Chicago Rocks!
On Tuesday, 27 Sep, we will meet in the Auxiliary Gym in the Physical Education Complex on the NEIU campus (refer to campus map).
        You should be in the gym, ready to begin the activity, at the scheduled start time of class.
->Bring your student ID with you: you will need it to get into the PE building.  You should wear clothing that allows free movement, and soft-soled shoes (e.g., running/ walking/ "gym" shoes, etc.). No hard-soled shoes are allowed in the gym.  (allow yourself enough time to change shoes if needed!)
There is a team assignment to complete before this activity -- if you were not in class Thursday, 22 Sep, contact the instructor! 
   Details of the assignment are available on the assignment page.

On Tuesday, before the activity, review the goals of your team-members (and remind yourself who are your team members!).  Come on that day prepared to support and cheer on your team (and your other classmates!), no matter what is their individual rock-wall goal. 
If you need to review the slide show about this activity, to set your goal, it is available
here:  IntroRockWall 

9 Sep     PLEASE CHECK your NEIU email account for important information!

8 Sep
      For "scavenger hunt #1" assignment, there is some alternate information now posted, because a lot of NEIU student organizations were not represented at the Organization Fair on Thursday.  See the assignments page for more details.
6 Sep     The "live" syllabus page, and the assignment  page, are now up and running!  Use these links (also at top of course homepage) to access assignment information.
The syllabus page shows the schedule of topics, with assignments listed by due date.  Each assignment listing (including reading assignments) contains information and/or links to the assignment details and necessary resources.  
30 Aug
We really do rock!  Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful start to the semester!  I look forward to working together with all of you, to discover  the geology of Chicago, as well as to build and extend our community together at NEIU.
Don't forget:  complete your yellow survey sheet, to return to me on Thursday; also consider what will be your approach to printing (in color) the ISGS book from CD.  CDs will be available for loan, starting Thursday.
Other reminders:  do you have some form of day-planner or calendar? I will soon post the printable planner for your use, but if you already have one, you can start bringing it with you.


















geologic resources and potential for use(s)

natural topography

impact of glacial processes

bodies of water and related processes

geologic history (other than glacial processes)

land use choices, related to geologic aspects

human modifications, related to geologic aspects









Section 1

1 - Matt,  Jesus,   Juan

2 - Marque, Fermin, Crystal, Charonda

3 - Jenifer, Khristina, Nolberto, Michelle

4 - Taylor, Kristen,  Renita,  Mike

5 - Walter, Maria, Grace, Elizabeth

Section 2

1 - Gio, Jhonathan, Olivia, Alan B.

2 - Harrison, Ryan, Josh, Bao

3 - Mayam, Gertruda, Jose, Carlos

4 - Mike, Jonathan, Jasmine, Alan N.

5 - Antonio, Matt, Cindy, Cory

6 - Will, Shantell, Derek, Yesenia




BLUE ISLAND: A virtual field trip

      Memorial Park 1    2         Greenwood Cemetery                Stan's Park