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Jeffrey K. Edwards, Ed.D., LMFT
Professor of Counselor Education,
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     For the Spring semester, I will be on campus on Wednesdays teaching Internship, and Tuesdays and Thursdays teaching 420.; My office hours are on Tuesdays 2-4; Wednesdays from 2 to 6, and Thursdays 2-4. Calling ahead is always advisable.

     "One repays a teacher badly if one remains nothing but a pupil." (Thus 
    Spake Zarathustra, The Gift Giving Virtue, aphorism 3). 

    The Path
     Live water heals memories. I look up the creek and here it comes, the future, being born aloft as on a winding succession of laden trays. You may wake and look from the window and breath the real air, and say, with satisfaction or with longing, "This is it."  But if you look up the creek, if you look up the creek in any weather, your spirit fills, and you are saying, with an exulting rise of the lungs, "Here it comes!"
     There must be something wrong with a creekside person who, all things being equal, chooses to face downstream.  It's like fouling your own nest.  For this and a leather couch they pay fifty dollars an hour? .... But as in the classic version of the great chain, the pure trickle that leaks from the unfathomable heart of  Tinker Mountain, this Tinker Creek, widens, taking shape and cleaving banks, weighted with live and intricate impurities of time,as it descends to me, to where I happen to find myself, in this intermediate spot, halfway between here and there.  Look upstream.  Just simply turn around; have you no will?  The future is a spirit, or a distillation of the spirit, heading my way. 
                Annie Dillard,  Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, 1974
     The self is not something that one finds. It is something that one creates. -- Thomas Szasz

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