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 Program Deadlines

Application to the Honors Program:

  • Due at least 2 weeks before the start of the semester
    in which you wish to begin Honors curriculum
Application for Merit Tuition Scholarships:
  • Due July 15th for Fall & Spring
  • Due December 15 for Spring only
  • Due April 15 for Summer only
Priority registration for classes
  • 1st day of Advanced Registration (Schedule of Classes)
Application for Course Adaptation
  • Due, signed by you and the faculty member, by the end of
    the first week of the semester in which you are adapting the course


Timeline for Theses and Creative Projects

No later than 10th day of the semester, student completes Independent Study Form, completes Honors Thesis Contract with Faculty Advisor, and submits Abstract.

No later than midterm of the semester in which you will complete your thesis or project, you will

  • Arrange for a 2nd Reader in department.
  • Format Front Matter according to UHP requirements (see UHP Thesis Manual for details).
  • Submit thesis to faculty advisor for feedback.

At least two weeks prior to the end of the semester in which you will complete your thesis or project, you will

  • Submit thesis to 2nd reader for feedback.
  • Submit thesis in electronic format to UHP office.  UHP will send to a 3rd reader, who will read on behalf of UHP.

3rd reader returns thesis to Honors Program Office with feedback.  The Program Coordinator will send the 3rd reader's feedback to the student.

In the final weeks before finishing, you will

  • Complete your approval page by adding the name and department of your third faculty reader.  Keep this page with you until each of your readers has approved your work and agreed to sign your signature page.
  • Make any changes or revisions requested by your readers.
  • Once you have addressed all requested changes/revisions, show your revised work to your readers and collect signatures to complete your approval page.

Honors Program Office submits final revision of complete list of graduating Honors Scholars to Registrar.

Your final task is to bind your completed and fully approved UHP Thesis or Creative Work at Beck's Bookstore.  The Ronald Williams library will catalogue this copy.  You may wish to bind additional copies for yourself and your advisor.


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