Green Fee Committee at Northeastern Illinois University

Projects funded and completed by the Green Fee Committee so far

Solar Water Heating System
for Swimming Pool in PE Building

Approximate cost: $180,000 (government rebates will lower final cost)

Benefits: savings on natural gas for heating; lowering of pollution and dependence on fossil fuels

Status: Funds approved March 2013
Bidding process April-May 2013
Installation Summer 2013

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

for new El Centro campus
3 stations approved for El Centro campus in Jan 2013

Total cost $38,746

Actual installation will take place when new campus is constructed

Benefits: Will help new El Centro campus get LEED Gold certification. Convenient EV charging option for NEIU as well as local community members. EV charging infrastructure expansion helps quicker adoption of (tailpipe) pollution free electric cars.

New water fountains with bottle filling stations dispensing filtered water
$10,000 approved for pilot project (4-6 approx) in BBH.

Approved Dec 2012. Installations will take place in Spring and Summer 2013.

$9,000 approved for 6 stations in proposed new El Centro building.

Approved Jan 2013. Installations will take place when the new El Centro building is constructed.

Benefits: Helps to reduce bottled water usage, thus reducing energy and resource consumption. Reduces plastic bottle waste.
Solar PV Panels
  on roof of Building B

(with real-time information display)
Capacity: 10 kW

Project inaugurated by President Sharon Hahs and Alderman Margaret Laurino on Earth Day, April 2012

Check real time and cumulative power generation info at

login: NEIU Visitor
password: guest

Cost: approx. $100,000
(govt. rebates will lower cost)

Benefits: Clean, renewable energy for Building B. Less reliance on polluting energy sources. Lower future electricity bills for NEIU. More solar installations benefit solar industry as well as regional power reliability.

Funds approved -  Spring 2011
Planning/Design/Bids - Fall 11 and Spring 12
Installation completed August 2012

Shade loving native plants and ferns
Purchased: April 2012

Planted: Earth Week, April 2012

Cost: approx. $1,000

Location: 2 locations next to SU, 1 location next to Library

Benefits: Increased propagation of native species good for biodiversity. Aesthetic improvement in shaded areas formerly covered by wood chips/mulch.

Energy saving LED lights
Approved: March 2012

Installation: March-May 2012

Cost: $13,000 (250 units)

Location: LWH & BBH

Benefits: Saves electricity (20W LEDs replace 90W lights), long lasting lights reduce maintenance.

Electric (battery powered) Maintenance Vehicle

Purchased: Fall 2008

Cost: $15,000 (approx.)

Use: Used by Facilities Management for various maintenance operations

Benefits: Replaced a pick-up truck. Zero emissions and noise pollution on campus. Saves fuel and money. Helps to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Bike Racks  
(48 additional spaces)

Installed: 2008-2009

Cost: $25,000 (approx.)

Benefits: Expands security and convenience for bike commuters by addressing inadequate supply. Increases potential for bike commuting and thus reduces driving and traffic congestion.

Motion Sensors
(45 installed in restrooms, utility tunnels)

Installed: 2008-2009

Cost: $10,000 (approx.)

Use: Switches off lights when not in use

Benefits: Saves electricity. Saves money for the university. Reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Tree Planting
(63 planted)

Installed: 2010-2011

Cost: $4,000

Benefits: More greenery on campus. Native trees benefit native wildlife. Trees help to reduce air pollution, recharge groundwater, and reduce runoff that contributes to water pollution and flooding.