Green Fee Committee at Northeastern Illinois University

Current Voting Members of the Green Fee Committee (2012-2013)

According to the Green Fee Committee Charter, the 9 person Committee is comprised of 5 students, 2 faculty members and 2 Facilities Management staff.

Please refer to the Charter for details on how members are selected, and keep your eye open for vacant student positions, usually at the beginning of the academic year.

Louie Georgopoulos

Economics major

 Student Government representative

Green Fee Committee Chair

Photo coming soon!

Christos Liardakis

Biology major

Green Cycle Group representative

Mani Valathur

Geography & Environmental Studies representative

Steven Lichtenbert

Environmental Studies major

Green Cycle Group representative

Green Fee Committee Secretary

Debbi Rodriguez

Marketing major

Abhijit Banerjee

Geography & Environmental Studies

Green Fee Committee Vice Chair

Joel Olfelt

Faculty, Biology

David Rubin

Facilities Management representative

Nancy Medina

Facilities Management representative