Bulgarian International students guide for Chicago area

Bulgarian community at Chicago land.

The official statistic said that there are around 100 000 Bulgarian immigrant in the area but Unofficial statistics said that they are between 150 000 and 200 000 immigrants. The biggest Bulgarian community outside Bulgaria resides Chicago metropolitan area. The official statistic said that there are around 100 000 Bulgarian immigrants residing the area but unofficial statistics said that there are between 150 000 and 200 000 Bulgarian residents in the area. Because of the large size of Bulgarian community in Chicago. There are many Bulgarian restaurants, churches, newspapers, law services, grocery stores, coffee shops, and etc. This site is design to direct the newly coming Bulgarian international students to Bulgarian community at Chicago, so they do not feel isolated

Bulgarian restaurants at Chicago area

There are many Bulgarian restaurant and clubs in Chicago area. The most popular are Mexanata, restaurant Bulgaria, club Enigma, restaurant Sofia and etc. These places offer Bulgarian national dishes and cozy Bulgarian environment. Such a places will give opportunity to Bulgarian international students to make a lot of new Bulgarian friends, so they will not feel isolated. Bulgarian restaurant Mexanatad

Bulgarian restaurants and clubs at USA.

The best Bulgarian club at Chicago area.

Bulgarian newspapers

There are five Bulgarian newspapers distributed at Chicago area, all of them are free. The most popular are "Bulgaria" and "Bulgaria now". These newspapers publish news from USA and BG, commercials, events, andetc. The newly arrived Bulgarian student will be able to find a lot of information, about local Bulgarian events, local job offers from Bulgarian employers, cheap rooms, roommates and etc.

Bulgarian newspaper.

Newspaper Bulgariad Bulgarian soccer teams at Chicago area

There are several Bulgarian soccer teams at Chicago area. Balkan, BG United, Slavia, and etc. Many Bulgarians are members of these teams. The members usually play during the weekend just for fun.These clubs offer a lot of opportunities for socializing , making friends , live healthy life. BG-united official site

International student club at NEIU

The most important club for the international Bulgarian students is the international student club. This club will give these students opportunity to meet many other students from all over the world. Bulgarian students also will have a chance to meet more friends form back home.
Link to International student club.

If some of Bulgarian international students want to create Bulgarian students club in the future. They can receive more information at:
link to student orgaznization handbook. Bulgarian church in Chicagod