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Graduate Coordidnator Dr. Grammenos provides initial advise to all incoming graduate students. This form is used to formalize the Program Advisor when the student knows who he/she will we working with most closely. The Program Advisor is normally the primary Thesis or Research Paper Advisor and (in the case of Research Papers) the chairman of the comprehensive examination.

Complete this form and submit it to the Graduate Coordinator when ready to do so. Students should consult with faculty members to determine the best Program Advisor to guide their curriculum. The relationship is by mutual consent and so this form requires both signatures.

Graduate Advisors

Dr. Banerjee: Environmental policy and management
Dr. Grammenos: Urban Geography, Planning, and cultural geography

The Program Advisor must be a full-time tenure-track G&ES faculty member, and normally it is the person who most closely shares the student's academic interests. The Program Advisor provides regular academic guidance to the student and usually serves as chairperson for the comprehensive examination and thesis or research paper. All courses of study shall be chosen in consultation with the Program Advisor. To change Program Advisor, consult both with the old advisor and the new one, and submit a new form.

All parties please sign the following form, which certifies an agreement between the student and faculty member.  The student will rely primarily on that faculty member for academic advice during the student's graduate study; the faculty member agrees to provide that advice and assistance.

Date: ________________

Student Name PRINT _____________________________________________________

Student Name SIGN ______________________________________________________

Faculty Member PRINT ___________________________________________________

Faculty Member SIGN ____________________________________________________

File this form with the Graduate Coordinator [Dr. Erick Howenstine] . Therafter the student should meet regularly and as needed with their Program Advisor. The Graduate Coordinator will continue to serve as a liaison between the student and the graduate college, and will be available to students in unusual situations.