The Green Cycle Group Email Discussion List

As a part of the club's activities, we maintain an email discussion list.  We're all busy with work and school - saving whales, planting trees, and riding our bikes instead of driving a car - and can't always make the meetings and various other activities.  The email list allows us to communicate with each other and keep in touch, to share ideas and experiences and to keep up with current news and activities that affect us an our environment - here at Northeastern or out in the world.

The list is an open list, anyone may subscribe.  The list is unmoderated, and messages sent to the list from subscribers do not require approval.  We forbid spam and commercial advertising as well as abusive attacks (flames) on others on the list.  These and similar activities will get you banned by the list-owner. 

For more on the subject of netiquette on mailing lists, see

1. The easiest way to subscribe (or un-subscribe) from the list is to visit this web page  and simply fill out the form.
2. You may also use a web-based email program simply by sending an email:
    Subject: leave blank it's ignored
    Body: SUBSCRIBE GCG-L firstname lastname
Substituting your own name, of course.
3. If you're using a client-based email program at home, CLICK HERE to spawn an email message - but substitute your own name in the body of the message.

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