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Links to ICTS Study Guides for the LBS I and APT tests only, in PDF format, are provided below.  Study guides for tests in other fields are available by clicking here to go to the ICTS site. To view or print these PDFs, you will need Adobe AcrobatÆ Reader v4.0 or higher installed on your computer. Be sure to download both parts. After opening a PDF file, click on the "Bookmarks" tab to view any available bookmarks for that file.

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Assessment of Professional Teaching Tests
general program information
field-specific information

Learning Behavior Specialist I (Field 155)
general program information
field-specific information

Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBS1) Examination
General Reminders for Graduate Students

- The test must be taken during the 3rd block of courses.
- You must pass the test before signing up for student teaching.
- You must apply for the exam 6 months in advance.
- The test consists of 125 multiple-choice questions.
- You must achieve a 240 or higher to pass the exam.
- Exam fee is $60.00.
- You are not penalized for any incorrect answers.
  (So, go ahead and guess, if you arenít sure.)
- Results are mailed within a month.
- You can register over the internet.
- A study guide can be downloaded from the internet.
- The study guide gives a good example of the test format.
- Courses 511 (Behavioral Management) and 502 (Characteristics)
  will help prepare you for the exam.
- During the exam, concentrate on the information that is outlined in the passage.
  (Do not add any information or make assumptions.)
- Helpful study books: Exceptional Lives (502) and Special Education Certification books can be purchased at Barnes & Noble or Borders Books.

Exam Topics
(no guarantees, as there are many different versions of the test)

* Behavioral management, assistive technology, collaboration technology, functional curriculum-LRE, wheelchairs, organizations - STEPS

* Theorists- Piaget, Erickson, Bolby, Skinner etc.

* Disabilities: LD, BD, ADHD, EB, MR, physical disabilities

* Effects of medicine and the appropriate times to administer

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