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The Faculty & Staff

Program Staff

Barbara Sherry

Program Coordinator
Barbara A. Sherry, J.D.
LWH 3029

Maria Frances

Office Manager
Maria Frances
LWH 3026

Racquel Quade

Graduate Assistant
Racquel Quade
LWH 3026

Peer Mentor Supervisors

Peer Mentor Supervisors
Katherine Gleiss / K-Gleiss@neiu.edu
Shellie Coleman / S-Coleman@neiu.edu
Michelle Morrow / M-Morrow@neiu.edu
LIB 454 / 773.442.4599

Peer Mentors and faculty

Course Faculty


Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors 2009

Peer Mentor Team 2009/10:

(top row-left to right):
Shahil Chand / S-Chand@neiu.edu,
Amanda Ilic/ A-ilic@neiu.edu,
Brian Dix / B-Dix@neiu.edu,
Melina Rodriguez / M-rodriguez12@neiu.edu,
Maria Ocasio
Jonathan Barrera
(bottom row-left to right):
Theodora Koumoutsatis / T-Koumoutsakis1@neiu.edu,
Maria Mojica / M-Mojica@neiu.edu
(not shown):
Ted Shaeffer / T-Shaeffer@neiu.edu

Our peer mentors have successfully completed an FYE course, completed a minimum of 24 credit hours, are in good academic standing (3.0 GPA minimum), and completed a rigorous training program in order to be part of "Team FYE."

Their responsibilities include a commitment to the program for an entire academic year, participating in a training program during the summer, coordinating team building activities and fun events for their student group, helping students navigate the campus, a strong desire to help others, and more.

Are you interested in becoming part of the team? Read More...

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