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First-Year Experience (FYE)

The First-Year Experience (FYE) Program is a university-wide initiative that engages students in activities designed to ensure their success in higher education through a series of classes called the FYE Colloquium (FYE 109) and out of class events specifically targeted for first-year students.

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NEIU FYE students

Who can take an FYE 109 class?

Any first-year student (0-30 credit hours) in the first or second semester of study at NEIU can take an FYE 109 class.

How do the FYE 109 classes help me?

All FYE 109 classes provide credit toward one of your general education requirements. Read more about NEIU's General Education Program...

Can I take more than one FYE 109 class?

Unfortunately, students can only take one FYE 109 class and only during their first year at NEIU.

Do the FYE and FYE 109 classes cost any extra?

No. Access to FYE events is free and, since the FYE 109 classes are part of the regular curriculum, they are part of your normal costs.
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