Welcome to FMA NEIU Chapter!

Northeastern Illinois University's Financial Management Association Chapter is a student organization of the College of Business and Management. Our objectives are geared toward helping students network with fellow students, professors, and business and finance professionals. FMA NEIU hopes to provide an environment where students can assemble to discuss various topics related to the financial industry, such as current events to new trends in the stock market to investing strategies. It's a great place to meet new people, talk about your career goals, and even form a study group!

Here's another important aspect of the organization. FMA NEIU is in collaboration with a division of Career Services, which provides resources for Finance students to acquire assistance with resume and cover letter writing, avenues to search for jobs and internships, and career workshops to help students become marketable in the job market.

Whether you're seeking leadership experience or simply want to be apart of a team environment, FMA NEIU has a spot for you! Become a member today!

FMA NEIU Chapter. Building friendships and strengthening existing ones.