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Language Placement Exam:

IMPORTANT: Read this before taking the online placement exam.

  1. The exam is offered in Chinese, English (ESL), French and Spanish.
  2. For languages without online exams, contact the instructor for appropriate placement.
  3. Only the first exam result will be used for course placement purposes, not repeated exam attempts.
  4. Allow one to two business days for the test scores to be processed before attempting to enroll. If you need immediate permission to enroll, contact either Tom Griffin (TE-Griffiin@neiu.edu) or Jeanette Hernandez (J-Hernandez-Kalin@neiu.edu).
  5. If prompted off campus by a Library Electronic Resource Login page, enter your NEIUPort login and passowrd.
  6. In the pre-test survey, correctly enter you first and last name and nine igit Student ID Number, for example; 000123456. This information is used for course overrides and registration advisement.
  7. If you are admitted to Northestern, but you do not yet have a Student ID number, you may take the exam in-person at the Language Learning Lab (LIB 451).
  8. At the end of the test, print the results page for your records and if you wish to claim extra credit.
  9. To reprint copies of results, re-enter the test, fill out the first four fields of the survey excactly as originally typed, and click the RESUME button.
    Last Name (type in ALL CAPS)
    First Name (type in ALL CAPS)
    Student ID Number (type as 000######)
    E-Mail Address
  10. For more information, contact Tom Griffin at the Language Learning Lab (773) 442-4752).

Placement Exam Score Tables:

Spanish Exam Score

Recommended Course Level

Below 234

  Spanish 101


Spanish 102


Spanish 201


Spanish 202

Above 445

Spanish 209, 225, 220, 224

French Exam Score

Recommended Course Level

Below 283

French 101


French 102


Any 200 Level French Course

Above 445

Any 300 Level French Course


NOTE: Students who score above 550 on the Spanish placement exam are encouraged to seek additional placement advisement from Professor Lucía Lombardi, at L-Lombardi@neiu.edu or (773) 442-4756.