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Self-Paced Language Study with Pimsleur Audio Language Courses:

The Pimsleur Language Method is an effective way to begin learning a new langauge in anticipation of beginning language study at NEIU, or to enhance learning after or between taking courses offered at NEIU. The Department of World Languages and Cultures has acquired the entire series of Pimsleur Language Programs for the langugages currently taught, or soon to be taught, at NEIU.

Each language audio course level contains 30 listening and speaking lessons of about 30 mnutes in length and reading lessons in which students read printed documents as they listen and repeat/record the sounds, words and phrases presented in the audio recordings. The Plus Courses contain 10 lessons each. These reading booklets also contain general information about the languages, such as pronunciation and writing system and culural information about the communities in which the langauges are spoken.

List of Audio Courses Available & Pimeleur Reading Booklets:

These PDF files can be downladed and printed to read while doing the reading lessons on a computer. The original paper booklets are found inside the CD cases at the Language Learning Lab.

Arabic (Eastern) I
Arabic (Eastern) II
Arabic (Eastern) III
Arabic (Egyptian) I

Chinese (Mandarin) I
Chinese (Mandarin) II
Chinese (Mandarin) III

French I
French II
French III
French Plus Course (no readings)

German I
German II
German III
German Plus Course (no readings)

Greek I
Greek II

Italian I
Italian II
Italian III
Italian Plus Course (no readings)

Japanese I
Japanese II
Japanese III

Korean I
Korean II

Polish I

Portuguese (Brazilian) I
Portuguese (Brazilian) II
Portuguese (Brazilian) III

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV

Pimsleur User's Gude

Acessing the Pimsleur Lessons in the Language Learning Lab and Online:

Students can listen to the Pimsleur CDs in the Language Learning Lab using each computer's CD-ROM drive and attached headphones. These lessons are also avaiable online via the CAN-8 server and a client application installed on each computer in the lab (or downloadable for off-campus use) The client application can be installed on any Windows computer.  Directions to use CAN-8 and more information about the application is elsewhere on this website.

CAN-8 has been recently upgraded. NEIU students can use either the old or new client application.

CAN-8 requires an NEIU student ID number to log in and a password. It has the advantage of allowing students to listen to and record their vocal responses to the language structures, dialogues and vocabulary presented in each lesson. Instructors can assign the lessons as homework and track and evaluate students by listening to their recorded responses and assigning a score. Students can even hear comments that instructors can choose to record when they redo the lessons.

Students currently enrolled in World Languages and Cultures courses are automatically given access to CAN-8 each semester. The login for each student is his or her 9 digit Student ID number. The default initial password is pword. Other NEIU students, faculty or staff may request access to CAN-8 by e-mailing Tom Griffin of the Language Learning Lab at TE-Griffin@neiu.edu and providing their name and ID number.