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Teacher Certification for Undergraduate Majors in French Studies or Spanish:

To become a certified K-12 teacher of Spanish or French, undergraduate students must:

  1. Complete the Major Requirements for the B.A. in Spanish or the B.A. in French Studies.
  2. Take the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) administered by ACTFL (American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages). A score of Advanced Low or above is required to enroll in SCED 304F (Clinical Experience in the Secondary School: French) or SCED 304J (Clinical Experience in the Secondary School: Spanish).
  3. Pass the ICTS (Illinois Certification Testing System) Content Area Exam in Spanish with aaverage score of 240.
  4. Complete the following professional education course sequence in secondary education.

    WLC 302

    Introduction to Teaching World Languages

    FREN 315

    Applied French Linguistics


    SPAN 319

    Applied Spanish Linguistics

    EDFN 305*

    Philosophical & Historical Foundations of Public Education

    EDFN 306*

    Education & Individual Differences

    Student must apply and be admitted to the College of Education to continue with the following Education courses:

    READ 301*

    Teaching Reading in Junior & Senior High School

    EDFN 307*  

    Psychology of Instruction & Learning

    ELED 311*

    School Curriculum

    SCED 303F*

    Teaching Modern Foreign Language in the Secondary School

    SCED 304F*

    Clinical Experience in the Secondary School: French


    SCED 304J*

    Clinical Experience in the Secondary School: Spanish

    SCED 305F**

    Student Teaching & Seminar in French


    SCED 305J**

    Student Teaching & Seminar in Spanish

    *C or better grade required
    ** B or better required

    Please Note:

    • EDFN 306 & 307 each have 20 clock hours of clinical experience attached.
    • Spanish K-12 majors must take SPAN 319 prior to enrolling in SCED 304J and French K-12 majors must take FREN 315 prior to enrolling in SCED 304F.
    • Clincal Experience (SCED 304F or SCED 304J) and Teaching Modern Foreign Language in the Secondary School (SCED 303F) must be taken concurrently.
    • Student Teaching (SCED 305F or SCED 305J) is for 9 credit hours, for one full semester, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.

For more information, please contact Sean Condon, Advisor-Teacher Certification Program, Teacher Education Department, Northeastern Illinois University, LWH 3033, Tel. (773) 442-5374, E-Mail: s-condon@neiu.edu.