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  • Since the fall of 2001, over 50 undergraduate students have worked as peer tutors in the Writing Lab.

  • Peer tutors are concurrently enrolled in English 375, The Essentials of Tutoring Writing, a course offered through the English Department.

  • Undergraduates who would like more information on English 375, click here.

Graduate Assistants
  • Each year, up to 15 graduate assistants work in the Writing Lab and/or teach classes in the English Language Program under the supervision of a TESL faculty member.

  • An orientation to the English Language Program takes place every August, just before classes begin.

  • Attendance at weekly tutor meetings informs graduate assistants of the best tutoring practices.

  • To learn more about the TESL program, click here.

  • To learn more about the graduate assistantships, click here.
Student Aides
  • The Writing Lab has one or more student aides working each semester.

  • Each aide may work up to 20 hours per week.

  • To apply for a student aide position, click here.