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The Writing Lab provides tutoring for students from any college in the university who want help with academic writing assignments, and offers assistance to students enrolled in English Language Program and English composition classes and students preparing for the English Competency Examination. The professional staff is trained to work on a one-to-one basis and can provide assistance with the development and organization of ideas, the use of research in writing, and revision and editing techniques.

Mission Statement

As a supplement to writing instruction across the curriculum, the Writing Lab offers workshops and one-on-one tutoring as a service to all students currently enrolled in university classes in which writing is involved. Our primary goal is to talk with student writers in individualized, one-on-one sessions. Through dialogue, the tutor and student establish the focus and direction of each session. Sometimes the tutor is asked to assess a studentís writing and will suggest strategies for improving a paper, but our focus is on making better writers, and so we encourage students to see writing as a recursive process that may involve steps and processes that are new to them and which can only be acquired over time. As students make return visits to the lab, they become more self-directed and open to new ways of looking at writing. As an additional service to the university, we offer workshops on preparing for the written portion of the English Competency Exam.