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Faculty members, instructors, or any university staff may wish to view our faculty brochure, which consists of 4 sections. Each section may be printed directly from our website. Interested individuals may also contact our office with any questions concerning Writing Lab services.

The Description of Services outlines our mission, and it lets the reader know who staffs the lab and who we serve.

Requesting Services can be done via email, over the phone, or by filling out our online form. Anyone teaching a class may request:

  • an informational, 10-minute class visit by one of our tutors.

  • a lab tour

  • a consultation with lab staff

  • a set of brochures to distribute to a class

Informing Students of Services is simple. Read our tips on how to encourage students to come to the lab.

Verification of Attendance is easily accomplished. Simply ask your students to return their signed attendance slips to you.

In addition, we are providing a short blurb about the Writing Lab that provides lab information for your class syllabus.