Professor Erick Howenstine, Dept of Geography & Environmental Studies, Northeastern Illinois University

This interactive map supplements "Race and Income in the Chicago Area" in Chicago's Geographies: Metropolis for the 21st Century, by Richard Greene, Mark Bouman, and Dennis Grammenos (AAG:2006), prepared for the Association of American Geographers's annual meeting in Chicago, IL.

The interactive map below depicts Chicago's 77 Commnity Areas and 268 surrounding suburbs. Visitors to this page may select one to three variables to map with unclassed pattern fills from the dropdown menu. Aggregate values, such as Population, are automatically converted to density before mapping. Derived values, such as Per Capita Income, are mapped directly. Drift over the polygon to see the actual values in the information bar, and consult the histogram to see overall distributions or to change colors. Complete documentation can be found on the web site in the acklowledgments, below.

One of the most interesting options is to create cartograms using any of the aggregate data. Select Geometry, Area Cartogram, and choose from among the variables provided. The control panel will stop and start the cartogram algorithm, and choroplethic themes may be added added after the cartogram is finished.

Here are some static maps produced for the paper referenced above:

Click map for larger version

Acknowledgments: This java applet was written and made available by Adrian Herzog of the Zurich Statistical Office, with funding from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. Visit for information, examples, documentation, and downloads.

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