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Designed for Population Problems by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erick Howenstine Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago.
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Glossary of Demographic Terms
Major Stepping - Off Pages for Population
The Population Reference Bureau
provides timely and objective information,
data, and trends on all countries
PRB's links to information by organization or country -- easy to navigate
World Health Organization (WHO)
large U.N. agency -- a must-know
The Population Council
international, nonprofit research institution for
biomedical, social science, and public health
Demographic and Health Surveys,
funded by US Agency for International Development (USAID),
provides information for host countries
to help design and implement population policies
Center for Demography and Ecology
University of Wisconsin's demographic think tank
American Demographics
A special interest magazine for business uses of demographic data
The United Nations' Population Information Network
forum for the exchange of experiences
among developed and developing countries
Johns Hopkins Population Information Program
center to promote communication for public health
Demographic and Health Surveys
catelogs surveys worldwide and allows retrieval of data
Progressive Population Net
You may search the archives of this semi-formal newsgroup,
which focuses on population issues worldwide

Bibliographic Databases
Lexis-Nexis, an excellent searchable news/journal database, with articles
PopLine (Population Information On Line)
Johns Hopkins' quarter million bibliographic citations/abstracts
Population Index
search engine for journal articles, with abstracts -- since Spring 1986
        Spatial Distribution
        Trends in Growth and Population Size
        Production of Population Statistics
        Country Specific Studies
        General Population Studies and Theories
        Demographic Characteristics
        Population Policy
POPIN Electronic Library
The U.N. Population Division provides a virtual library and resouce center
Wonder how to cite on-line sources? Try here
Resources and Quick Facts
Glossary of demographic terms
By the Population Reference Bureau
World Population Trends
by the United Nations' Population Division -- summaries and charts
Census Bureau's Thematic Mapper for 2000 census data, to block level
World Population Graph by United Nations
Low, Medium, High Variant Projection, by U.N.
PRB lesson about "child 6 billion."
PRB lesson about "U.S. in the World."
Zoomable population density world map
2001 highlights in .pdf format, by U.N.

Data and Statistics
The PRB's World Population Data Sheet
Top source for country level demographic data
The United Nation's Global Statistics page
CIA World Fact Book -- detailed information on all countriues
A summary of current conditions in each country, widely used database
Africa Country Fact Sheets -- PRB's fact sheets on African Counrties, also search by topic
Current world population by the U.S. census bureau
Refresh the screen to see the net change second by second
U.S. Census Bureau's International Database
Demographic data, historical data and pyramids for countries -- projections too
PopIN's databases
UN Population Information Network's global and regional databases
Census bureau country data
this is useful for projections, historic data for countries on births, deaths, and sometimes migration
Census Bureau's country pyramids
pyramids for user-selected years, and animated pyramids too
World Population Trends
Tables and summary graphs by the UN Population Division

Country-level data for the population projection
Census Bureau's Country Datacountry data
tables of data for countries -- find birth, death, migration and much more.

World Bank Summary Data by Country
summary of population and development trends
CIA World Fact Book
broad overview of each country
WHO statistics
by country
UNESCO Country profiles
on education, culture and communication and science and technology (COMING SOON)
U.S. Census Bureau Population Pyramids
static or dynamic, by country
Summary Demographic Databy country, U.S. Census Bureau
International Database (IDB)
details delivered by the U.S. Census Bureau, by country and by table category
Compare countries
compare up to 5 countries using U.N. statistics on health, environment, economy
Population Reference Bureau's Data Finder
mostly demographic details for any country
U.N. Population Division International Migration Wallchart
a large table of information about migration for all countries

Census Bureau's home page
The mother lode for population data, especially for U.S.
Current U.S. population by the U.S. census bureau
Statistical Abstract of the United States by the census bureau
Country level data and state data -- done annually
County and City Data Book, also by census bureau
describes what is available on CD ROM, but not available on line (yet)
Year 2000 census
Leads to data and information, by the Department of Commerce
News releases about the year 2000 census
Compiled by the census bureau, reverse chronological, by headline
U.S. National Center for Health Statistics
Center for Disease Control's site with vital statistics
follow the link to data warehouse for the data themselves
Center for International Earth Science Information Network
Columbia University's site with data for population/environment links
Thematically map census data down to the block group level
GIS programs: ESRI, Caliper, IDRISI
Three companies producing good Geographic Information Systems
Current Population Survey
Census Bureau's monthly survey of 50,000 households on wide variety of topics
General Social Survey
Extraordinary survey data sets, user can analyze interactively, NSF funded biannual survey
The First Measured Century
An illustrated guide to trends in the 1900s. Book by Caplow et. al Mormon Geneology
2 week free trial of the huge historical database TIGER mapping
Census Bureau's thematic mapper, down to block group

Theories of Population Growth
Alta Vista: Thomas Malthus
An Alta Vista search for links on the famous clercyman/populaton theorist
Malthus' Essay on the Principle of Population
Malthus' most famous work, the entire manuscript
Alta Vista: Julian Simon
An Alta Vista search for links on the famous cornucopian
Julian Simon's writings
Browse writings by Julian Simon available on the web
Holes in the Cornucopia
a point-by-point criticism of Julian Simon from Business Ethics Perspectives
Marx on Population
a modern analysis in support of Marx's position in relation to Malthus.
General Population Studies and Theories (abstracts) by Population Index
Country Population Pyramids
Census Bureau's pyramid generator for IDB countries
U.S. population pyramid 1950-2050
A quick Animated U.S. pyramid
U.N. State of the World Population 2000
"Men and Women in a time of change"
Gender and Food Supply Links
Many gender links provided by the FAO
Links to Organizations on Aging
by the Population Studies Center Univ. of Penn
UN Human Development Program, fighting poverty
Relief organization dedicated to fighting poverty worldwide, with regional offices
World Bank's Anti-Poverty Organization


Fertility, Family Planning, and Population Policies

57-page paper on fertility
Sharing Responsibility: Women, Society and Abortion Worldwide. Includes many tables and graphs
Zero Populaton Growth
This NGO advocates stabilizing population
Oakton's Population links
Victoria Giambrone's population sources on-line, originally focusing on policy
Negative Population Growth
Home page of this environmental group promoting a "roll back" to 2-3b
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
The motto: May we Live Long and Die Out -- (seeking members)
Why Life?
The "Educate Yourself" page of this anti-abortion group
Planned Parenthood
Home page of this large group which promotes family planning
U.N. International conference on Population and Development
    Cairo 1994
Alta Vista search for "cloning links"
Whether cloning food animals or humans, it's pertinent here

Mortality and Morbidity
Center for Disease Control is THE source for U.S. data and reports
If it has to do with health in the United States, you'll probably find it here.
  • Start with the Alphabetized FAST STATS
  • Tables of Statistics on Mortality in the U.S.
  • Detailed stats about Fetal Deaths
  • Linked Birth & Infant Death data
  • Data and summaries about aging
  • Followback Mortality Survey (survivor interviews)
  • NEWS: press releases highlighting developments
  • 2000 life tables by race/gender (.pdf)
  • Leading Cause of Death Reports, by theNational Center for Injury Prevention and Control

    For international health reports, visit the World Health Organization
    WHO's Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response page
    WHO's index of maps and graphs on world mortality/morbitity
    UN's international table on LE, IMR and CMR
    Nationmaster.com generates comparative graphs/maps on many national indicators

    Sources on AIDS
    WHO updates on AIDS, including the Epidemiological Fact Sheet by Country
    Who's main AIDS page
    U.N. Aids (Joint UN program on HIV/AIDS)

    AIDS clock and AIDS maps
    Personal Data
    Calculate your own longevity, using Northwestarn Mutual Life's formula
    Calculate your own longevity a different way
    Calculate your own "real age", with a thorough self-assessment
    PubMed free search engine for detailed medical information

    Food and Hunger
    Bread for the World's home page

    U.C. Davis' Migration newsletter, with ongoing dialogues on current migration issues
    U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.
    International Policy on Pouplation, Refugees, and Migration
    KPZG's news article search engine for stories on migration
    A www library on migration and ethnic relations.
    Migration (abstracts) by Population Index
    The U.N.'s compilation of International Migration Policies
    The U.N. Refugee Agency --

    A summary of urbanization from University of Colorado
    U.N. conference on human settlements held in Instanbul (1996)
    The Urban Institute non-profit, non-partisan research organization
    Urban Geography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers

    Projections and population structure
    Fivfiv, a population projection program

    Population Projections
    The Census Bureau's page of its links on projections

    Population projections and estimates methodology
    U.S. Bureau of Census explains its projections in detail

    Population and Environment
    Worldwatch Institute an important environmental organization with interest in population
    Population & Environmental Linkages Service, Abstracts lead ot 14,000+ publications
    PopPlanet, for sharing info about pop, health, and environment -- by country (incomplete in 2000)
    Global Environmental Report, self-quizzes showing your impact on environment
    Ecological Footprint Calculator -- answer a short form to measure your "footprint."
    Population, Environment, and Sustainable Future, book summary Paul Harisson
    Why immigration to U.S. hurts the environment, by BALANCE
    A good Tragedy of the Commons homepage
    World Resources Institute for data and articles on global resources

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    Overpopulation Demography Migration
    Fertility Mortality Population Projection
    Population Policy Urbanization Population and Environment

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