This model depicts the 1,734 students of Northeastern Illinois University who are not U.S. citizens. Spin the globe with the mouse. Country of citizenship was tallied by NEIU's Institutional Studies, and provided to the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. The dispersion of student origins demonstrates the multi-cultural and diverse student body, which has made NEIU the most diverse campus in the Midwest for many years.

Students were distributed by country, with reference to an underlying map of major cities, to best estimate their actual place of origin. In cases, such as Mexico and India, with a great number of students, they were dispersed across the entire country. Double click on a red pin and go to the CIA World Fact Book country listing for that country. If clustered, you will zoom in first, and may still move the globe at that scale.

Points were digitized with ArcGIS, centroids exported with GeoDa, and the scripts formatted with Excel and Notepad. The Javascript comes from geosphere. Anyone interested in learning how to do this or many other interactive techniques, consider taking the department of Geography & Environmental Studies' Interactive Cartography. Computer Cartography is a prerequisite, and is offered Fall and Summer 1A terms.

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