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Welcome to the Northeastern Illinois University English Department!

We serve a wide variety of constituencies on campus. Our basic composition offerings are required of every student at the University; at higher levels, we serve students pursuing liberal arts English and secondary education majors, students minoring in English, and graduate students pursuing an M.A. degree in English literature or composition.

Interdisciplinary University Seminars for Teachers, Spring 2013

The English Department at NEIU is offering a series of exciting interdisciplinary seminars to feed the intellectual hunger of teachers of English and other disciplines who seek professional development. Taught by NEIU English Department Faculty, these seminars are designed for teachers who want to explore new avenues in literary and cultural study as well as imagine new approaches to traditional literatures. The seminars are designed to spur intellectual growth by offering ways to re-invigorate classrooms in ways relevant to our contemporary world by creating content that engages students in the meaningfulness of literary and cultural studies.

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