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Social Security Number (SSN) Information

Congratulations on being hired as a student employee at NEIU!

If you wish to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN), you must have a campus job offer. Once you have a job offer, you must bring your hiring paperwork to the Office of International Programs (OIP). Please allow 5 business days for your SSN letter, which you will take to an SSN administration office, to be ready.

Please make copies of any documentation mentioned in the two page Social Security Number(SSN) letter provided to you by this office; Attach it to the letter and take with you to the Social Security Administration Office. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Don’t forget to ask your supervisor to fill out and sign the 2nd page of the letter titled “LETTER OF EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION” before you go to the Social Security Administration Office..

No one will be paid retroactively, that is “BACK-PAID”. This is a University policy; Therefore, you may not and should not begin your employment until you have received your SSN.

IF YOU WISH TO BE PAID, AS WELL AS APPLYING FOR AN SSN, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SEE the International Tax Specialist (Leony Magsino, 773-442-5124): When you go for your appointment with her, you must have your Original Alien Information Collection Form(I-9), Passport with visa stamp and Form I-94, and Form I-20.