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Understanding Tsunamis

Here's an excellent Quicktime animation showing how a tsunami forms. (Animation by Miho Aoki of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.)  Another animation by the same professor shows a tsunami's effects on a coastal town.
Visualizations and animations collected by the "On the Cutting Edge" group at the Science Education Research Center

The PBS online series The Savage Earth episode on tsunamis includes text, animation, and video clips

Amateur video footage of the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004

"Before and after" aerial photographs of areas inundated by the Indian Ocean tsunami

Video/animations from the Tsunami Research Center at the University of Southern California

How do those tsunami monitoring buoys work?

How to Survive a Tsunami

FEMA explains how to prepare for disasters like tsunamis

How to chlorinate a contaminated drinking water well
The University of Southern California's Tsunami Research Center

NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory Tsunami Research Program

Here's a FAQ from the International Tsunami Information Center, and a quick guide to the science behind the "Great Waves"

  U.S. Geological Survey Tsunami
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