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Courses taken at Northeastern Illinois University

A maximum of six credit hours taken at Northeastern prior to the granting of the bachelor's degree may be considered for acceptance to the Master's program if these credits, a) are applicable;  b) have not been applied to the bachelor's degree; and c) were completed no more than 12 months prior to the date of graduation.  Courses taken as a Graduate Student-at-Large at Northeastern are not automatically accepted in the Master's degree program.  A maximum of 9 credit hours taken under this classification may later be applied toward the Master's degree provided that such work corresponds directly to specific program requirements and satisfies scholastic requirements of the Graduate College.

Courses taken at other accredited institutions

Students may apply to the Graduate College for the transfer of up to 9 credit hours from other accredited graduate institutions.  Students must first be admitted to a degree program and write a letter of petition to the Dean of the Graduate College.  The courses in question should be identified by title, number, school, and a general description.  A transcript of the work must be on file in the graduate office.  The courses must have been completed relatively recently at an accredited institution, with a grade of "B" or better, and be applicable to the Master's degree program.

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