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Applicants must fulfill the general requirements for admission to the Graduate College.  This includes  possession of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and a minimum overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 (on a 4-point scale).  Please contact the Graduate College at (773) 442-6008 for further information regarding admission requirements.

Admission to the degree program requires 15 undergraduate semester credit hours in earth science/geology at the 200-level or higher (including a course in Field Geology), a minimum of 8 credit hours in chemistry at the 200-level or higher (including at least one laboratory course) and a minimum of 8 credit hours in physics at the 200-level or higher (including at least one laboratory course).  An applicant lacking up to 6 credit hours of the above requirements may be admitted conditionally but must remove the deficiency) as soon as possible.

To be admitted to the program, students must have a minimum 3.00 grade point average in Earth Science course work and a minimum 2.50 average in the supporting sciences (on a 4-point scale).

Student-at-Large Option

Prior to admission into the master's program, a student can take courses at Northeastern as a non-degree seeking graduate student-at-large.  However, these courses are not automatically accepted for credit towards the M.S. degree.  The eligible maximum in this status is 9 semester credit hours, and such work would have to correspond to Earth Science master's program requirements and satisfy all scholastic requirements of the Graduate College.  Students who wish to apply their student-at-large credits to their M.S. degree should discuss their petition with the Graduate Advisor.

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