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Graduate Student Handbook

ESCI-309* Geochemistry  3 cr.
ESCI-319* Petrology 4 cr.
ESCI-330* Structural Geology 4 cr.
ESCI-337* Principles of Hydrogeology 4 cr.
ESCI-401 Environmental Stability - Lake Michigan 3 cr.
ESCI-406 Aqueous Geochemistry 3 cr.
ESCI-407 Advanced Hydrogeology 3 cr.
ESCI-408 Advanced Mineralogy and Crystallography 3 cr.
ESCI-409 Igneous Petrology 4 cr.
ESCI-411 Clay Mineralogy 4 cr.
ESCI-415 Plate Tectonics 3 cr.
ESCI-416 Applied Hydrology 3 cr.
ESCI-418 Ore Deposits 4 cr.
ESCI-419 Exploration and Geostatistics 4 cr.
ESCI-425 Special Topics in Earth Science (title varies)** 3 cr.
ESCI-498 Master's Research Project in Earth Science 3 cr.
ESCI-499 Master's Thesis in Earth Science 6 cr.

* Indicates 300-level courses approved for graduate credit.
** Recent Special Topics in Earth Science courses include Volcanology, Isotope Geochemistry, and Advanced Coastal Research

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