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Dr. Karen Bartels is the advisor to every graduate student who comes into the M.S. program in Earth Science.   Of course, students are free to consult with any faculty member regarding academic progress and future plans.  However, Dr. Bartels is the official graduate advisor and can answer questions regarding academic regulations, deadlines, course credit, and similar matters.  In order to help her serve you better, please call in advance to schedule an appointment when you need to confer with her.

At some point you will begin work on a thesis or a library research paper.  At this point, discuss your work with a faculty member and ask if that faculty member will serve as your thesis or Departmental research paper advisor.

Graduate students should read the "Graduate Student Handbook" and the "Thesis Manual," both of which are published by the Graduate College and are available free at the Graduate College Office, CLS-4029.

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