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The Master of Science program in Earth Science at Northeastern Illinois University is a well rounded curriculum designed to provide a thorough background in all aspects of geology. The Master's degree program in Earth Science is aimed toward careers in teaching, government, and industry.  It is designed to provide the academic training necessary for careers in energy, hydrogeology and waste management, mineral industries, and for employment with environmental engineering companies and other agencies.  In addition, the flexible nature of the program allows secondary and elementary teachers to benefit.

Students choose areas of concentration based on individual interest and need coupled with specific areas of expertise of the faculty.  These areas include, but are not limited to, hydrogeology, engineering geology, mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, clay mineralogy, structural geology, the geology of ores, mining geology, and marine/coastal geology.

The program requires both class work and independent work.  Though no specific courses are mandatory, the student is encouraged to take courses pertaining to his/her interest area.  Faculty can help guide students into more specialized areas.

The program is tailored to provide practical training for on-the-job field work, especially in hydrogeology and engineering geology.  Graduates have fared well in energy, governmental, educational, and research careers involving all areas of geology.  Classes and research facilities are available during the day as well as evenings to make the program especially accessible to working students.

Scheduling of Classes

Northeastern is the only public university in northwest Chicago and adjacent suburbs which offers an M.S. in earth science/geology.  The master's program is designed with the part-time student in mind.  Classes are usually scheduled during the late afternoon and evening hours for individuals who must accommodate work schedules.

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