Proposed Program: Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Geoscience

Supporting Documentation:
A Sampling of Institutions Offering
BA/BS Degrees in Geology
Author: Department of Earth Science

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INSTITUTION Degree Program Titles Highest Math required for a B.A. degree Target audience/mission of the B.A. degree (quoted from web pages) Enrollments      
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B.S. B.A      
Bowling Green St U Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Paleobiology Geology could not find ...students who wish to combine geology with another career. For example, combinations with economics or business have proven quite practical. Students have also successfully combined geological training with skills from art, foreign language and English for work in graphics and publishing.  18 BS, 2 BA  
Case Western Reserve U Geology Geological Sciences Calc I NA 5 BS, 2 BA  
    Environmental Geology Calc I NA      
Cleveland St U Geology Geology 6 hrs, level lower than Calc ...for students wishing to aquire a general knowledge of geology as preparation for careers in related fields, such as law, business, or earth science certification in secondary education.,  
C of Charleston Geology Geology Precalc, Stats NA,  
    Geology, concentration in Environmental Geology Precalc, Stats/Prob NA      
Colorado College
Geology (tracks in Geology, Geophysics, Environmental Geosciences)   [NOTE:  For historical reasons, all degrees in the sciences at Colorado College are B.A. degrees, but they feel their programs are comparable to B.S. programs at peer institutions. --LLS] 100 majors      
Eastern Washington U Geology Geology None ...students interested in geology-oriented fields which do not require the full range of professional training.  
  Geology with Environmental Option B.A.E. in Earth Science (Sec Ed) Precalculus NA      
Florida Atlantic U Geology Geology College Algebra, Stats ...students planning professional careers in environmental planning, conservation, or other fields that significantly overlap with a traditional geology program. The program allows students to complete bachelor’s degree requirements with more credits of electives in their fields of interest.,  
Florida International U Geology Geology Calc I …the student who requires a broad background in geology for a career in science education or public or private administration dealing with Earth and Environmental Sciences.,  
Franklin and Marshall   Geosciences none [NOTE: All degrees are B.A. degrees.  Students wanting to pursue graduate studies or professional employment in the geosciences, what we would consider B.S. preparation, are advised to take "as many courses as possible" in Math, Phys, Chem. --LLS]   17 majors total (all BA; see NOTE)  
Furman Geology, Earth and Environmental Sciences Earth and Environmental Sciences Precalculus ...students interested in the environment that might wish to couple this major with a major in the humanities or social sciences.  Graduation rates: 6/yr BS, 1/yr BA (usually double majors with Poli Sci),  
Iowa State U Geology, Earth Science Earth Science 4 hrs, level lower than Calc ...designed primarily for careers in secondary education. Only a few students ,  
Kent State U Geology Geology 4 hrs Algebra and Trig ...excellent opportunities for employment in a wide variety of careers where an understanding of natural science is useful or critical in success. Geology can be a strong background for advanced study or career development in areas such as business, city management, regional development, planning, law, journalism, and science writing...not designed for those wishing to pursue graduate study or for those who wish geological employment. Now trying to reinvigorate for exactly the same group of students as NEIU is targeting  
    Earth Science 4 hrs Algebra and Trig ...those who plan to teach earth science in the secondary schools.        
Lehigh U Geological Sciences Earth and Enviromental Sciences stats "Why Declare a B.A. Major in EES?  There are lots of good reasons. First, you might be someone who is really interested in one or more of the EES disciplines, like ecology or geology or environmental science, but you're thinking of law or medicine or business as a career, not life as a practicing scientist. Or, maybe you want to be a scientist, but you have a blend of interests that just don't seem to be covered by one of our B.S. programs. Or, you might find that work, athletics, or a double major make it just a little tight to fit all our B.S. requirements into your life. Finally, you might just be interested in the science of the environment as a cool, interesting liberal arts degree. In all these cases, declaring an EES B.A. might the answer.  Our B.A. degree is flexible, simple to follow, and will give you plenty of chances for field work if that's to your liking. A basic program leaves plenty of room for double-majoring, prepping for a career, or exploring the wealth of offerings available here at Lehigh. On the other hand, by working with your advisor and keeping an eye on our B.S. requirements, you can build a rigorous B.A. that will get you into grad school and beyond.",  
Millersville U Geology Earth Sciences Calc I, Stats ...for the student who wishes to enter the environmental consulting field after graduation….Moreover, the B.A. program is an excellent choice for a student who has an interest in the legal or business aspect of the environmental sciences and intends to enter professional law or business school after graduation. ,   
    Earth Sciences/Environmental Geology Calc I ...designed for those students who wish have a basic interest in the environment industry whether that be work with non-profit organizations or in environmental consulting field.      
North Carolina St U Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology, Paleontology, Marine Geology Earth Systems History - Paleontology could not find  NA    
    Geology could not find  NA      
Northeastern U Environmental Geology, Geology Earth Science/Geology Functions & Basic Calc ...take a broader array of non-science courses and must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language (through intermediate II level).        
    Environmental Geology Functions & Basic Calc      
Pennsylvania St U Earth Sciences, Geosciences Geosciences Calc I and either Calc II or stats ...designed for students who wish to prepare themselves for careers that interface among science, social science, and business. Examples of these careers include environmental law, national and international planning or resource management, and K-12 teaching. New BA program, only 2 years old.  43 BS Geology, 27 BS ESCI, 12 BA Geosciences  
San Francisco St U Geology Geology Calc I  
San Jose St U  Geology Earth Science, Teacher Prep Precalculus ...designed for students planning to apply to a single subject credential program to become a secondary school teacher.    
Slippery Rock U of PA Environmental Geoscience Environmental Geosciences Precalculus NA 15 Envtl Geosciences, 14 Geology BS  
Southern IL U/Carbondale Geology Geology Precalculus ...requires a major in geology but is a flexible program, permitting a student to combine education in geology with courses in other areas, such as other sciences, management or pre-law. A minor is optional. Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, students may continue their education toward a Master of Science degree in geology.    
SUNY Fredonia Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geology, Earth Science for Teaching Cert. Earth Sciences "Survey of Calculus" NA  
SUNY Geneseo Geochemistry, Geophysics, Sec Ed Earth Sci Cert Geological Sciences Calc II NA  
SUNY Stony Brook Geology, specializations in Geology or Environmental Geoscience Earth and Space Sciences Calculus II ...designed to meet the needs of students who desire a diverse liberal arts and sciences background. 49 BS, 35 BA  
    Earth Science Education Calc "A" (conceptual) ...designed to prepare students for certification as secondary school earth science teachers.       
Syracuse U Geology Geology None NA  
Texas A&M U Geology, Geophysics, Earth Sciences Geology "Math Concepts: Calc" ...offers more flexibility than the B.S. program in terms of allowing a program of study which combines geology with subject areas such as geophysics, history, journalism, political science, mathematics, biology, business, computer science, education, medicine, physics, or other areas.  
U of Alabama Geology Geology Intermed Algebra ...recommended for students who wish to qualify for the Alabama Class B Secondary Professional Teaching Certificate in….The bachelor of arts program is also suited for those who plan to pursue graduate degrees in law or business. Total 30-45, 80-85% of these are BS, 15-20% are BA  
U of Alaska Geology Earth Science None NA  
U of California/Davis Geology Geology "Short Calculus" NA 70 majors total, 90% BS, 10% AB  
U of Colorado Geology, with Environmental Geoscience, Geology, and Geophysics options   NA NA  
U of Florida Geology Environmental Geology Precalculus ...designed for students interested in the geologic processes (e.g., water flow, shoreline processes, groundwater contamination, etc.) that shape our natural environment and influence the sustainability of our environment. The major is designed for those who desire training in the geological sciences in preparation for advanced studies or careers in fields such as teaching earth science at the secondary school level, environmental law, business, or other socio-environmental areas. 30 BS, 5 BA (issues with compulsory graduation in 4 years for students receiving state aid)  
U of Georgia Geology Geology Precalculus NA  
U of Houston Geology, Geophysics Earth Science Elementary Functions ...designed to provide a broader interdisciplinary program that can be combined with additional training in fields such as education, law, business and journalism.  
U of Iowa Geoscience Geoscience  10 hrs math, comp sci, and/or stats ...designed to provide students with a varied background in geology and a broader choice of electives than is practical in the B.S. program. The B.A. is intended for students who are interested in the fundamentals of geology, interdisciplinary environmental programs, or earth science teaching….Completing the minimum requirements for this degree may not adequately prepare a student for an entry-level professional job in geology.  
U of Kentucky Geology Geology Elem Calc and Its Applications ...designed for students planning a career in government policy relating to earth science and environmental issues, earth-science education, business (environmental consulting), environmental law, or environmental medicine.  
U of Minnesota/Duluth Geological Sciences Geological Sciences Calculus for the Nat Sciences NA Avg 54 BS, 6 BA over last 15 yrs  
U of Minnesota/Twin Cities Geology, Geophysics Geology Calc II NA 33 BS, 14 BA  
U of Nebraska, Lincoln Geology Geology College Algebra ...designed for those students who want strong preparation for allied fields such as teaching at the pre-college level, urban planning, law, civil engineering, environmental studies, and museum work. The B.A. program is strong in fundamental geology but does not provide the ancillary requirements for admission for most graduate study in geology.  
U of New Hampshire Geology Earth Sciences Calc II ...provides students an opportunity to obtain a broad education and a general background in the earth sciences with a greater degree of freedom in choosing electives than in the bachelor of science programs.  11 BS in Geology, 23 BA ESCI  
U of New Mexico Earth & Planetary Sciences Earth & Planetary Sciences None NA 80 BS, didn't give BA numbers, but "a few" get the degree each year  
U of Northern Iowa Geology Earth Science one course ...a liberal arts major. 15 BS Geol, 15 BA in ESCI Teaching, 45 in BA ESCI  
Geology one course ...provides a wider choice of electives than the Bachelor of Science Degree-Geology Major.      
    Geology with Environmental Emphasis Elem Analysis or Calc I ...designed for students who wish to enter the field of Environmental Science.      
U of Texas, Arlington Geology, options in Professional, Environmental, Engineering Geology, GIS Option  College Algebra, Trig, Statistics ...for those who want to combine Geology with computer technology to store and analyze spatial data using the GIS software. 36 BS Geology option, 24 BS Envtl option, BA is for teachers, a few choose the GIS option  
    Geology, General and Sec Ed Option College Algebra, Trig, Statistics ...for those who want teacher certification in Earth/Life Sciences or in Earth Science as well as those who want to combine Geology with other professional interests.      
U of Texas, Austin Geology, options in General Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology/Environmental Geology, Teaching Geological Sciences none NA 15 BA, 80 BS General, 32 BS Geophysics, 37 BS Hydro/Envtl, 7 BS Teaching  
U of Texas, El Paso Geological Sciences, Geophysics, Earth Science (Sec Tchr Cert) Geological Sciences Precalculus NA 27 BS, BA is primarily for teachers and 1-2 get the degree each year   
U of the Pacific Geology, Geophysics, Geology - Teaching Geology none ...designed for students who are interested in and enjoy studying their physical environment and the geosciences but who do not intend to become "geologists". They often complete a second major. Although some of these graduates have found work as geotechnicians, most have pursued employment opportunities un-related to geology or entered advanced degree programs in law, business or public administration, education, dentistry or theology.  
U of Toledo Geology, Interdisciplinary Geophysics and Physics Geology College Algebra &Trig ...designed to give students greater flexibility in designing a program of study tailored to their specialized interests in geology and the related sciences. some faculty view the BA as the "fallback" degree, which may have hurt enrollments  
U of Western Ontario Geology, Geophysics Geology none ...for non-science students who are interested in taking courses in the Earth Sciences. 6 BA, 39 B.Sc.  
Wright State U General Geology, Environmental Geology, Geophysics,  General Geology 10 credits in math or statistics ...designed for students who desire scientific training, especially through interdisciplinary programs. Because of its broader and more flexible approach, students who elect to follow a Bachelor of Arts program should have specific educational objectives that can be reasonably attained through this program.  
    Environmental Geology 10 credits in math or statistics ...prepares the graduate for a technical career investigating, remediating, or managing environmental resources. Its broad and flexible approach allows students to combine scientific training with other fields such as business and management, public policy, or communication.        

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