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M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

M.A. in Family Counseling

M.A. in School Counseling

M.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling


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Faculty and Staff
Chuck Pistorio, Ph.D., Chairperson
LWH 4074; Ph: 773-442-5551

Faculty Advisors for Clinical Mental Health Counseling:
Mei-Whei Chen, Ph.D.

Advisor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling  (A-L)
LWH 4042; Ph: 773-442-5556

Shedeh Tavakoli, Ph.D.
Advisor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (M-Z)
LWH 4110; Ph: 773-442-5604

Faculty Advisor for Family Counseling:
Sara Schwarzbaum, Ed.D.

Advisor, Family Counseling Program
LWH 4053; Ph: 773-442-5553

Faculty Advisors for School Counseling:
Laura Tejada, Ph.D.
Advisor, School Counseling (A-L)
LWH 4054; Ph: 773-442-5521

Lee Beaty, Ph.D.

Advisor, School Counseling  (M-Z)
LWH 4076; Ph: 773-442-5548

Faculty Advisors for Rehabilitation Counseling:
Ken Currier, Ph.D.
Advisor, Rehabilitation Counseling  (A-L)
LWH 4097; Ph: 773-442-5576

Craig Johnston, Ph.D., CRC
Coordinator, Rehabilitation Counseling
Advisor, Rehabilitation Counseling (M-Z)
LWH 4109; Ph: 773-442-5554

Clinical Experiences Coordinator:
Nan J. Giblin, Ph.D.
LWH 4107;  Ph: 773-442-5552

CESA Advisor:
Sharon Bethea, Ph.D.
LWH 4004; Ph: 773-442-5545

Russ Leander, Instructor
Katherine Pusateri, Adjunct
Joe Smailis, Instructor
Tobey Andre, Instructor
Michelle Marme, Instructor

Department Staff:
Carol Martin; LWH 4073; Ph: 773-442-5550;

Dona M. Wisniewski; LWH 4075; Ph: 773-442-5557


Department of Counselor Education
Northeastern Illinois University
5550 N. St. Louis Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
Email: ~ Telephone: 773-442-5550 ~ Fax:773-442-5559