Theatre Minor

Requirements (18 credits)

Core Course

CMTT-130    Introduction to Theatre

Two courses in Performance

CMTT-203    Voice for the Stage

CMTT-220    Improvisation

CMTT-221    Acting I

CMTT-255    Oral Interpretation of Literature

CMTT-321    Acting 2

CMTT-345    Directing

CMTT-347    Playwriting

CMTT-350    Children’s Theatre Workshop (Elementary Education)

CMTT-351    Children’s Theatre Workshop (Middle School)

CMTT-352    Oral Interpretation of Poetry

CMTT-354    Oral Interpretation of Drama

CMTT-357    Oral Interpretation of Shakespeare

CMTT-358    Acting 3

CMTT-393    Creative Dramatics

One course in Theatre Production*

CMTT-240    Stagecraft

CMTT-241    Advanced Stagecraft

CMTT-249    Make-up

CMTT-339    Theatre Practicum 3

CMTT-340    Scenographic Design

CMTT-341    Lighting Design

CMTT-342    Costume Design

CMTT-343    Stage Management

CMTT-349    Summer Theatre

Two courses in Theatre History/Literature

CMTT-331    History of Theatre I

CMTT-332    History of Theatre II

CMTT-333    Contemporary Theatre

CMTT-334    Studies in Drama

CMTT-335    American Social Problem Plays

CMTT-336    Naturalism & Realism

CMTT-337    Women Playwrights

CMTT-346    American Musical Theatre

* A student may also complete the 3 cr. of Production requirement by taking CMTT-239 (2 cr.) and CMTT-139 (1 cr.)