Robert Ritsema

M.A., Boston University


Contact Information

Office: FA 238

  1. (773)442-5951,

Courses (Spring 2014)

CMTM 160: The Art of Film and Video (TR 9:25-10:40)

CMTM 160: The Art of Film and Video (TR 10:50-12:05)

CMTM 372: History of American Cinema II (TR 5:40-6:55)

CMTM 374A: Studies in Film: American Horror Film (W 7:05-9:45)

Robert Ritsema, M.A., has been an instructor in the Department of Communication, Media, and Theatre for the past 8 years. He teaches a variety of film courses, including The Art of Film and Video and History of American Cinema 1 and 2, has developed the Studies in Film rotating topics course to include Film Genres, Auteur Theory, and American Horror Film. He has also taught Foundations of Communication on occasion.