Ron Mace

M.A., Northeastern Illinois University


Contact Information

Office: FA 238

  1. (773)442-5951,

Courses (Spring 2014)

CMTC 100: Introduction to Communication (TR 12:15-1:30)

CMTC 101: Public Speaking (MWF 10:00-10:50)

CMTC 202: Voice and Diction (TR 8:00-9:15)

CMTC 202: Voice and Diction (TR 9:25-10:40)

Professor Ron Mace was born in his parents’ tiny rented house high in the West Virginia mountains. He has taught for 33 years, 14 here at NEIU. He’s qualified in Theatre, Speech, Communication, and English, and he has taken many additional classes. He’s a union professional actor in stage, film, print modeling, TV commercials, voice overs, and radio. MLB offered him a contract to umpire. He directs plays and has run theatre programs.