Media Minor

Requirements (18 credits)

Core Courses

CMTM-160    Art of Film and Video

CMTM-265    Mass Media and Society

One course in Media Production/Writing

CMTM-205    Fundamentals of Media Writing

CMTM-260    Introduction to Video Production

CMTM-360    Advanced Video Production*

CMTM-361    Digital Video Editing*

CMTM-362    Video Production Workshop*

CMTM-364    Writing for Media

CMTM-366    Multimedia Storytelling

CMTM-367    News Writing**

One course in Media Content/Theory

CMTM-363    Documentary Film

CMTM-365    Contemporary Issues in Mass Media***

CMTM-370    Public Relations

CMTM-371    American Cinema I

CMTM-372    American Cinema II

CMTM-373    World Cinema

CMTM-376    Television History

CMTM-377    Gender and Media

Two elective courses in Media (CMTM)

One any-level CMTM course

One 300-level CMTM course

*CMTM-260 prerequisite        

**CMTM-205 prerequisite          

***CMTM-265 prerequisite