CMT Graduate Program Coursework (30 Credits)

For students who enter the program as of Fall 2013

Students are admitted at the beginning of the fall semester. All are required to enroll in CMTC 401: Introduction to Graduate Study and CMTC 402: Seminar in Research Methods during the fall semester, and CMTC 404: Communication Theory the subsequent spring semester.

Required Courses (15 credits)

CMTC 401: Introduction to Graduate Study

CMTC 402: Seminar in Research Methods

CMTC 404: Communication Theory

CMTM 465: Mass Communication Theory

CMTT 430: Dramatic Theory

Five Electives (15 credits) chosen from the following courses:


CMTC 400: Special Topics in Communication (rotating topics course)

CMTC 414: Seminar in Organizational Communication

CMTC 416: Seminar in Interpersonal Communication

CMTC 434: Independent Study in Communication


CMTM 410: Independent Study in Media

CMTM 466: Media and Cultural Studies

CMTM 467: Special Topics in Film and Television (rotating topics course)

CMTM 478: Seminar in New Media


CMTT 423: Independent Study in Theatre

CMTT 431: Comparative Performing Arts

CMTT 446: Theatre Management

CMTT 473: Special Topics in Theatre (rotating topics course)


CMTE 490: Instructional Communication

CMTE 492: Teaching College Speech

Students also have the option to take up to two graduate (400-level) courses in other departments.

If you want to pursue the program on a full-time basis (9 credits per semester), please be aware that courses are offered on a rotational basis. Be prepared to adjust your schedule to accommodate the rotation of courses.

In addition to coursework, students must also either

  1. a)Take Comprehensive Exams or

  2. b)Apply to Write a Thesis*

* Writing a thesis counts as 6 credit hours for graduation.