CMT Minor

Requirements (21 credits)

Core Required Course (choose one;  3 cr)

CMTC-101    Public Speaking

CMTC-202    Voice and Diction

Required: One course in Communication (3cr)

CMTC-213    Interpersonal Communication,

CMTC-214    Business and Professional Communication

CMTC-215    Small Group Communication

Required: One course in Media (3cr)

CMTM-205   Fundamentals of Media Writing,

CMTM-260   Introduction to Video Production

CMTM-265   Mass Media and Society

One course in Theatre (3cr)

CMTT-130    Introduction to Theatre,

CMTT-221    Acting I

CMTT-240    Stagecraft

Three 300-level elective courses (9cr)

Choose from any 300-level courses in Communication, Media, or Theatre

Note: The CMT minor is for non-CMT majors who wish to declare a minor that reflects the tripartite nature of the Communication, Media, and Theatre department. This major was revised in Fall 2012. If you declared a CMT minor before this date, check your catalog term for your requirements.