CMT Major

Requirements (38 credits)

Core Courses

CMTC-101    Public Speaking

CMTC-200    Theories of Communication, Media & Theatre (WIP)

CMTC-202    Voice and Diction

One course in Communication

CMTC-213    Interpersonal Communication,

CMTC-214    Business and Professional Communication, or

CMTC-215    Small Group Communication

One course in Media

CMTM-205   Fundamentals of Media Writing,

CMTM-260   Introduction to Video Production, or

CMTM-265   Mass Media and Society

One course in Theatre

CMTT-130    Introduction to Theatre,

CMTT-221    Acting I, or

CMTT-240    Stagecraft

Two credits of Theatre Practicum

CMTT-139    Theatre Practicum 1 (can be taken twice)

CMTT-239    Theatre Practicum 2

Eighteen credits of elective courses

Choose any courses with the “CMT” prefix. Twelve of these eighteen credits (four courses) must be 300-level CMT courses.

These are the CMT major courses. See the NEIU Academic Catalog for university graduation requirements.