John Bliss

M.F.A., University of Iowa


Contact Information

Office: FA 230

(773) 442-5974,

Courses (Spring 2014)

CMTC 100: Introduction to Communication (TR 5:40-6:55)

CMTC 202: Voice and Diction (MW 4:15-5:30)

CMTT 130: Introduction to Theatre (TR 4:15-5:30)

John Bliss has worked as a freelance writer for much of his adult life and has been published in many small magazines, most of which are now defunct. He claims no responsibility for their deaths. He wrote for and acted in children's theater for several years, and is fondly remembered for his role as the Firetruck in his adaptation of The Velveteen Rabbit. Recently, John has been writing video scripts for college students and non-fiction books for young readers. John studied Theater at Loyola University, and earned his MFA from the Playwrights Workshop at the University of Iowa.