Jim Blair

M.A., Northeastern Illinois University


Contact Information

Office: LWH 3030

(773) 442-5654, j-blair1@neiu.edu

Courses (Spring 2014)

CMTT 130: Introduction to Theatre (MW 10:25-11:40)

CMTT 392: Art as a Tool for Teaching and Training (F 9:00-11:40)

In addition to Jim Blair’s teaching duties, he also coordinates the College of Arts and Science Education Program (CASEP), which is based in CMT. This is its thirteenth year. Currently he is writing radio scripts and stage plays. His radio script "The Brickersons: Brotherly Love" aired May 19, 2012 on Wisconsin's NPR affiliate WGTD. On November 2, 2012 there was a stage reading of two of his one act plays - "Early Retirement" and "Buds" - in Barrington, Illinois. In addition, Jim has two longer stage plays - "Lounging" and "Designer Genes" ready for a stage production.