What are admission requirements?

Before entering the CMT Graduate Program specifically, you must fulfill the minimum requirements for admission to NEIU’s Graduate College. If you meet these requirements, the Graduate College will then forward your application to the CMT graduate committee. Currently, the following requirements are specific to the Graduate College:

  1. Application Form (available on Graduate College website)

  2. Statement of Goals and Objectives. Make sure you describe your reasons for pursing graduate study and also why you find the CMT Graduate Program of interest.

  3. Application Fee. A $30 application fee is required.

  4. Transcripts. The applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. As an applicant, you are responsible to request each college or university of previous or current attendance (other than Northeastern Illinois University) to send you an official transcript, together with a key to grading.

  1. Two letters of recommendation. These letters must substantially address your ability to excel in graduate school and, specifically, in CMT. (If you graduated from NEIU, one letter must be from a CMT tenure-track faculty member.) If necessary, the CMT Graduate Director reserves the right to request one additional letter of recommendation. Such request will be made after all of your materials have been received and evaluated by the department.

The Department of Communication, Media, and Theatre also has three additional requirements:

  1. A sample of written work must be included in your application file (e.g., a research paper, Honors Thesis, a substantial report for an organization, or a creative essay). Submit the writing sample with your application to the Graduate College.

  2. Applicants must have completed 15 undergraduate credit hours (with a minimum of 9 upper division credit hours) in Communication, Media, OR Theatre coursework (or a closely related discipline). Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA for these courses. Upper division courses are defined as 300/400-level, junior/senior courses.

  3. A phone or face-to-face interview with the graduate advisor. This will occur AFTER the CMT department receives and reviews your competed application.

  4. Admission to the program will be deferred until all requirements are satisfied. Students at large will only be authorized to enroll in graduate-level courses with approval of the CMT graduate advisor. Final admission decisions rest solely with the CMT graduate committee.