Juan Guardia, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs

Voice: 773.442.5445

Email: j-guardia@neiu.edu

Yasmin Ranney

Director, Asian and Global Resource Center

Voice: 773.442.5441

Email: Y-Ranney@neiu.edu

Maria Genao-Homs

Director, Latino/a Resource Center

Voice: 773.442.5372

Email: m-genao-homs@neiu.edu

Kimberly D. Everett

Director, African American Resource Center

Voice: 773.442.4841

Email: K-Everett1@neiu.edu

Anthony Papini

Director, LGBTQ Resource Center

Voice: 773.442.5440

Email: A-Papini@neiu.edu

Diane Di Maso

Administrative Assistant

Voice: 773.442.5442

Email: D-DiMaso@neiu.edu

Davor Palos

Special Events Facilitator

Voice: 773.442.5443

Email: d-palos@neiu.edu

Joanna Snawder

Director, Women’s Resource Center

Voice: 773.442.4524

Email: j-snawder@neiu.edu