The Asian and Global Resource Center at NEIU honors the diverse talents and cultures represented in our student body, faculty and staff.  Many students face a variety of challenges adjusting to university life.  The AGRC aspires to help students’ adjustment to the university, to instill a sense of belonging through engagement in the Center’s programs and activities, so students feel more connected to the life of the university.  The AGRC is a student-centered shared space where the cultures and heritages represented on our campus and in our nation, are valued, honored and celebrated.  The Center is committed to listening to the many voices on our campus and will focus programming around issues that are important to students and our campus community.

“Be the change that you want to

see in the world”  Mahatma Gandhi

Annual Equity in Action Conference, October 2013

The purpose of the Equity in Action Conference is to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, abilities, and attitudes which will form a foundation for life-long learning in a global society. Inherent in this foundation is the capacity to engage in inquiry and critical thinking that empowers learners. Multiculturalism broadens our understanding of the human experience and contributes to enhancing our perspective in the educational environment for students, faculty, staff, and the community. A series of presentations on "Equity in Action: Immigration and Social Justice" is dedicated to that mission. Human rights and social justice are central, core valuesat Northeastern Illinois University.

Annual Interfaith Conference, November 2014

The objective of the Interfaith Conference is to promote the positive role of understanding and tolerance as a healing and constructive force in life. Presentations and opportunities for dialogue give students an enhanced understanding to learn, respect, and revitalize cross-cultural experiences, yet maintain the integrity of one’s own beliefs, practices, traditions, and those of their community. The Interfaith Committee of Northeastern Illinois University invites you to join in this journey and assume a leadership role as we walk the paths of life respectfully in Unity and Peace.

Annual Asian, Asian/American Heritage Conference, April 2014 gives the university community an opportunity to increase awareness and further our understanding and appreciation of the influence and rich traditions of Asian and Asian American culture.  Understanding and appreciating the influence of Asian and Asian American cultural heritage strengthens our knowledge and promotes better awareness of the rich diversity that exists within our community.

Asian Women's Leadership Series, two times each semester  is a series of presentations highlighting issues relevant to Asian and Asian American women in various fields, and promotes efforts to overcome stereotypes. The speakers' contributions to the community expands our understanding of women's roles that balance work, family and Asian values both globally and locally.

Asian Student Advisory Council Series,

four times each semester NEIU students, faculty and staff of Asian, Asian American heritage, or community members interested in Asian, Asian American issues work on the Advisory Council to help shape the programs and initiatives undertaken by the Asian/Global Resource Center.  The programs featured on our website are the result of the AGRC Advisory Council's input and support.  The cornerstone of the Advisory Council's mission is to enhance Leadership Development, advise with Career Planning, and provide Mentoring with the ultimate goal of strengthening time-to-degree and positive academic outcomes.

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