our principles   

The programming and initiatives of the African, African American Resource Center are diverse in nature and include conferences, workshops, speaker series, mentoring, personal and academic guidance and many other activities, all of which revolve around the following principles:


Academic Success

Social Enrichment

Leadership Development

Cultural Awareness

Community Engagement

Signature Programs

The “Black and...”  Brown Bag Lunch Series: Far too often, the experiences of Africans and African Americas are viewed as monolithic and examined one-dimensionally in regards to race in isolation.  The “Black and…” Brown Bag Lunch Series is a set of lectures, workshops and other events that speak to how gender, class, nation of origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, educational background in their many combinations come together to impact the educational experience of people of African decent.


Project NIA - Women of Purpose: NIA is designed to address the needs of Black women in the campus setting and beyond so that they may be successful in their academic, professional, and personal goals. NIA seeks to gage Black women student needs and address issues in the form of facilitated discussion, cultural excursions, and providing safe and supportive spaces where participants can come together through consciousness-raising and healing through the creation of support networks and spaces to convene and build a community within a community.


Kim’s Kitchen: Kim’s Kitchen is a series of dinner and discussion sessions designed to spark conversations among students, faculty, staff, administrators and community members regarding a number of topics.  There is no formal presentation as the fellowship and dialogue are centered.


Tribute to the Legacy of Rev. Dr Martin Luther King: For the last 12 years, NEIU has paused to pay tribute to the memory and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.  The tribute typically includes music, a panel of speakers, a featured lecture, interactive workshops, and engaging performances. 

The African and African American Resource Center supports the core values of diversity and multiculturalism in the mission of Northeastern Illinois University and the Pedroso Center’s commitment to social justice through the support of African and African American students, faculty, staff, alumni and other interested members of the NEIU community. The Resource Center was developed to:

  1. Promote the engagement and integration of African and African American communities and cultures into all aspects of NEIU.

  1. Foster a welcoming environment and sense of belonging in the university community for people of African descent

  1. Explore, celebrate and strengthen identity, unity and a sense of pride and dignity based on one’s rightful cultural heritage.

  1. Educate the campus community regarding the needs and contributions of Africans and African Americans in an effort to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of human difference.

“Education is all a matter of building bridges.”

Ralph Ellison