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               Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT)

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How the BCT works

The BCT asks members of the university community to be mindful of others within our environment, and either reach out to them when they are concerned about their behavior, or convey those concerns to the BCT. By encouraging all members of the campus community to report behaviors that are concerning, the BCT will be able to intervene, provide support and connect them with resources that can assist them.

The Behavioral Concerns Team asks that the campus community report concerning “red flag” behaviors, that is, behaviors which are questionable, suspicious or inappropriate, and that may be presented through an individual's appearance, spoken or written words, or specific actions. All members of the university community are encouraged to contact the BCT with concerns about distressing, disturbing or disruptive behavior that they observe.
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Examples of “Red Flag Behaviors”
•    Behavior(s) which regularly interfere with classroom environment or management
•    Notable change in academic performance – poor or inconsistent preparation
•    Notable change in behavior or appearance
•    Impairment of thoughts – verbally or in writing
•    Aggressive behaviors toward others; inability to set limits or re-direct focus
•    Poor decision making and coping skills
•    Inappropriate or strange behavior
•    Low frustration tolerance
•    Overreaction to circumstances
•    Lack of resiliency
•    Writings and comments endorsing violence; unusual interest in violence
•    Indirect or direct threats in writings or verbalizations
•    Lack of empathy and concern for others; inability to care
•    Anger management problems
•    Threats to others
•    Appearance of being overly nervous, tense or tearful
•    Expression of suicidal thoughts or feelings of hopelessness
•    Withdrawal and isolation

Getting information to the BCT (Making a Report) The BCT website ( contains all the information needed to make a report, including an easy to use Behavioral Incident Report form, which may be submitted electronically directly to the BCT. E-mailing the BCT ( or contacting a member of the team will also provide the information to the team. 

What Happens after a Report is made? A report or question to the BCT activates a process of information gathering, assessment and intervention aimed at responding to the situation in a proactive, preventive and caring manner in order to restore a safe and positive learning environment. The information gathering and assessment process will determine the type and need for intervention.  Possible interventions may include many options: reaching out to the individual with referrals for assistance; setting behavioral expectations in class; responding to the issue as a conduct code violation; or even removing the individual from campus.

If this is an emergency, contact University Police (773) 442-5511.