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               Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT)

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Behavioral Concerns Team and its membership

The Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT) at NEIU is part of the overall Campus Violence Prevention Plan. Based on best practices in the emerging literature on maintaining safe campuses, the Behavioral Concerns Team Plan complies with recommendations of the April 2008 State of Illinois Campus Security Task Force Report to the Governor.

The goal of the BCT is to promote a safe environment for all, and involves the collaboration of the entire University community in a proactive, prevention-minded approach to problematic behavior. The BCT uses an early identification and response strategy to manage emerging situations with a focus on preventing escalation of concerning behaviors.

Faculty, staff and students may be confronted with situations in which an individual is unduly disruptive or displays behavior that may be intimidating or threatening to others. A person may also behave in ways that signal other kinds of distress, such as extreme agitation, or withdrawal and isolation. The BCT is a multidisciplinary team that is designed to assist in these situations, serving five major functions for the university:
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  1. Provide consultation and support to members of the university community in assisting individuals who display concerning or disruptive behaviors;
  2. Respond to reports, gather information to assess situations involving individuals who display concerning or disruptive behaviors; engage reported individuals in a process aimed at correcting the disturbing behavior;
  3. Recommend appropriate intervention strategies or disciplinary sanctions;
  4. Connect individuals with needed campus and community resources;
  5. Monitor ongoing behavior of individuals who have displayed disruptive or concerning behavior.

BCT Membership

The Behavioral Concerns Team is composed of representatives from four critical areas of the campus community and includes. Additional individuals from the campus community are included in meetings of the BCT as necessary. Core BCT membership is:
  • Sharron Evans, Student Rights & Responsibilities
  • Paul Kruszynksi, University Police
  • Veronica Rodriguez, Student Leadership
  • Alina Viola, Student Health & Counseling Services

If this is an emergency, contact University Police (773) 442-5511.