Undergraduate Programs

The department offers Studio Art and Art History sequences leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, in addition to certification for teaching art in K-12 schools. Separate minors in Art for Education majors and Liberal Arts students are also offered.

Major in Art for the Bachelor of Arts Degree

Major in Studio Art

Major in Art History

Major in K-12 Art Education

Minor in Art

Studio Art or Art History

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Major in Studio Art

Students who select an emphasis in studio art must complete the following courses:

15 hour core requirements:
Art 106 Art History I 3 cr.
Art 107 Art History II 3 cr.
Art 120 Drawing I 3 cr.
Art 130 Two-Dimensional Design 3 cr.
Art 140 Three-Dimensional Design 3 cr.
19 hours at the 200 level
Art 201 Contemporary Art 3 cr.
Art 220 Drawing II 3 cr.
Art 234 Colour 3 cr.
Art 292 Professional Practices 1 cr.
Choose three of the following:
Art 230 Introduction to Painting 3 cr.
Art 240 Introduction to Sculpture 3 cr.
Art 250 Introduction to Printmaking 3 cr.
Art 261 Introduction to Photography 3 cr.
Art 270 Introduction to Ceramics 3 cr.
Art 273 Introduction to Metals/Jewlery 3 cr.
Art 281 Introduction to Graphic Design 3 cr.
Art 282 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3 cr.
20 hours of the following:
Art 300 Three 300 level courses in an area of concentration selected in consultation with an advisor 9 cr.
Art 300 Two 300 level Art History Courses 6 cr.
Art 392A Professional Practices 1 cr.
Art 392B Professional Practices 1 cr.
  One Art Elective 3 cr.
  total credit hours 54