Mark McKernin, M.F.A., Professor, Chair
Kim Ambriz, M.F.A., Assistant Professor
Nathan Mathews, M.F.A., Assistant Professor
Ana Nieves, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
William Sieger, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Santiago Vaca, M.F.A., Assistant Professor
Jane Weintraub, M.F.A., Professor
Shencheng Xu, M.F.A., Associate Professor

The fundamental objective of the Art Department programs is to provide and promote a knowledge and understanding of the visual arts. The studio program gives students hands on exposure to a variety of skills, both analytic and technical, in order to help students express concepts visually. The art history program introduces students to numerous periods of art, cultural and historical events, visual means of expression and communication, and research methods. The art education program prepares student to teach the visual arts in a K-12 environment, upholding state and national performance standards. All of our programs prepare students to pursue graduate school, careers in the arts, teaching, and life long learning.

The Department offers three sequences leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Additional offerings include minors for Education majors and Liberal Arts students and advanced courses for undergraduate students, in-service teachers and post-graduate students. Students wishing to declare a major or minor should contact the Art Department at 1.773.442.4910 and schedule an appointment with a departmental advisor. Transfer students should bring an evaluation of transfer credits to their first advisement session.

For the major: transfer students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of art courses at NEIU and meet all requirements for the major. For the minor: transfer students must complete a minimum of 9 credit hours of art courses at Northeastern and meet all requirements for the minor. Transfer students are required to consult the departmental undergraduate advisor regarding an interview and/or portfolio review prior to registering for art courses at Northeastern. The Department utilizes course titles and course descriptions taken from the catalog of the transfer school to assist in making decisions on the appropriateness of transfer credit.

General Education credit is allowed when courses provide a survey of introductory art material with breadth and appropriate concepts consistent with NEIU Art General Education courses. Students should also be aware of the University requirements for the Bachelor's degree. All students must complete a minimum of 24 semester hours at the 300 level and fulfill the university's general education requirements. The special requirements of studio and lecture courses demand regular attendance. The department policy on attendance is aligned with the university attendance policy, more than 3 absences may affect your grade. Prerequisites are strictly enforced. The art department assesses fees to support students in the production of art and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Additional information on individual course fees may be found at:

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If you have any questions about the program or are interested in touring the art facilities, please contact Mark McKernin at 773.442.4910 or by email:

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