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AFAM Course Descriptions
Course Rotation 2012 - 2015

Required Courses (9 Credit Hours)

AFAM 200: Introduction to African and African America
Studies (3 credits)

Introduction to African and African American Studies is an interdisciplinary and foundational course that introduces students to the field of African and African American Studies through an overview of the socio-economic, historical, psychological, political and cultural experiences of African peoples on the continent of Africa and throughout the Diaspora. Selected eachings are designed to give students a concise understanding of the heritage of African people in America and a framework to analyze the culture and institutional arrangements which both shaped the African Diaspora and was shaped by people of African descent throughout different parts of the world. Emphasizing an African-Centered philosophy and framework of analysis, the course content and emphasis includes a focus on students' acquisition of both an analytic ability and interdisciplinary skills of investigation and research and their development of a critical and comprehensive approach to challenging traditional Western orthodoxy, intellectual hegemony, and misinformation about Africa and its peoples. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of race, class, and gender in assessing similarities and differences in the African experience throughout the Diaspora.

AFAM 301: Foundations of African Civilizations (3 credits)

This is an interdisciplinary course examining African civilizations from the prehistoric past to contemporary periods utilizing an African centered perspective. The course uniquely employs a variety of multidisciplinary perspectives and materials from history, geography, anthropology, political science, art, sociology, linguistics and other disciplines. Course content and emphasis is placed on correcting misperceptions and stereotypes of Africa while exploring the rich and varied diversity of Africa, its rich history, the fundamental cultural commonalities shared by African peoples despite the diversity, and the significance and place of African civilizations on the world scene.

AFAM 302: Foundations of Africa In The Diaspora (3 credits)

Foundations of Africans in the Diaspora is an interdisciplinary course that focuses on the history, culture and experiences of African descendents in North America, South America and the Caribbean utilizing the research and writings from history, sociology, and anthropology conducted on and by the descendents of African peoples in these geographic areas. The objectives that form the foundation of the content for this course represent several topical areas that are in keeping with the overall goals of the minor in African and African American Studies. The topical areas are aligned into units of study and include: The African Diaspora, Africans in North America, The African American experience, Africans in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Afro-Brazilian, Mexican, Columbian, Jamaican, French, Cuban experiences. Course objectives will be achieved through individual readings and study, and class activities and lectures. The methods used in this course include lectures, open discussions, seminar discussions, structured activities, and media and are designed to accommodate diverse learning styles.

AFAM 303: Global Collaborations: Cross Cultural Research in
Ghana (4 credits) (Optional)
This is an intensive, short term cross-cultural exchange that provides significant experience in research and creative practices. Students will travel to Ghana, West Africa, visit key cultural and historical sites, and engage in collaborative research and/or creative projects. Course sessions at NEIU before and after travel will frame the experience.

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