Lab Reservations

You can check the availability of any of the NEIU tech labs by using Resource 25 lab, find out an empty slot by going on the resouce 25 website link below once your done with choosing an empty slot you can call Academic Affairs "x5420" to book the slot.

Access to tech labs are closed when they are not booked, SCS lab assitants generally does not have access to tech labs.

In order to get into these labs campus public safty will help you. Please contact them to open these labs on your scheduled time.

Resource 25

You may check the availability of classrooms and computer labs at NEIU's Resource 25 web site

Academic Affairs

The office of Academic Affairs reserves all labs and classrooms for instructional use.  You may contact a reservationist at x5420. 

Software Listings

Please check the various computer lab locations to see where specific software is located so you can request a specific location to teach your class.  If the software you require is not listed, you must submit a Software Installation Request Form